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Cosy Sheridan October 11th, 2001

I learned about Cosy indirectly from an email list devoted to Catie Curtis.  Someone wrote in to say how much they liked Catie's funny song about eating while driving.  Someone else wrote in to let them know that "Road Food" was actually written by Cosy Sheridan.  Several people chimed in and said, if you like Catie, then you'd like Cosy.  I followed their advice and checked out Cosy's music.  I loved what I heard and immediately bought three of her CDs.

On Cosy's website, she had a link that said, "If you'd like to host a house concert for Cosy, click here."  So, I clicked there, and five months later, she was here at Acoustic Avenues.

Cosy Sheridan has garnered top honors from some of the country's most prestigious songwriting contests:  The Kerrville Folk Festival's NewFolk Award, The Telluride Bluegrass Festival's Troubadour Award, and the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Songwriting Showcase Award.  She has 5 CDs on the Waterbug and WindRiver/Folk Era record labels.  Her song, Too Much Time, was included on the critically acclaimed Putamayo compilation, Shelter:  The Best of Contemporary Singer-Songwriters, in 1994.  She has taught song writing at The Swannanoa Gathering in Asheville, North Carolina for the past three summers.  Two of her articles for Acoustic Guitar Magazine were recently included in the instructional book, Performing Acoustic Music, published by Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

She was a voice student at The Berkley School of Music in the late 80's, and also a guitar student of the master fingerstyle guitarists Guy Van Duser and Eric Schoenberg.  Her friend Catie Curtis called her a combination of Mary Chapin Carpenter, Dr. Ruth, and Deepak Chopra.  National Fingerpicking Champion, Harvey Reid, called her a musical sponge.

Cosy travels with her yoga mat but without her gall bladder.  She's candid.  She's compassionate.  She's very sharp.  She'll talk about anything on stage.  She might sing songs about body piercing, a more user-friendly Barbie Doll, the loneliness of her elderly neighbor, or how small and humble things in life, like ants, can sew your heart back together.  She can bring tears to your eyes, from sadness or from laughter.  She's very good. 

Her favorite quote from an audience member?  "You're so real!"

Check out Cosy's albums!  Of her five CDs, three can be purchased online through Rediscover Music.  Click on any of the cover images below to visit that site.

Quietly Led / Late Bloomer     Grand Design     Ant Hymn

Her other two CDs, Saturn Return and One Sure Thing, aren't currently available online because of the demise of a fine site called  Sadly they were part of the dot bomb.  However, all of her CDs will be available at our show!