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Lowen & Navarro January 16th, 2002

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WOW!!  What a fun show!

Many of my return customers said this was their favorite show.  I have to say that Eric and Dan gave us one helluva performance!  They were so open and friendly.  It's hard to say which I enjoyed more:  talking with them or listening to them sing.  Happily, there was plenty of both!!

Eric and Dan put on a great show!  They were friendly and open.  If fact, they became the defacto hosts of the evening and made everyone feel welcome.  I really can't say enough for their ability to entertain!  From great stories to glowing harmonies to gripping songs, they are the total package!  I highly recommend seeing them in concert.  And, if you get the chance to host them at your own house concert, you'd be glad you did.

On the logistics end, it seems that each concert we host involves some new element of risk.  For Darryl Purpose, it was our first concert.  For Cosy Sheridan, we added stage lighting and online reservations.  For Pat DiNizio, we made a digital recording of the show.  And, for Lowen & Navarro, the thing that made this concert particularly special for me was running the sound with the equipment from my home studio.  I made a few mistakes with settings -- sorry about the "popping P's", Dan -- but the overall sound was great, and the recording is awesome!  Here's a sample:  Happy Birthday 2U.

We have been fans of Eric and Dan for almost a decade.  We still can't believe that they played in our living room!  But, don't take our word for it.  Check out their NPR interview with Morning Edition host Bob Edwards.

And, quoting from their website...

"For more than a decade, Eric Lowen and Dan Navarro have written, recorded and toured for a growing national audience. Their five CDs showcase self-penned songs of experience, colored by supple acoustic-based arrangements centered around their intertwined voices.

"Songwriters of notable cachet, their works have been recorded by artists as diverse as Pat Benatar (the worldwide Top 5 hit "We Belong"), The Bangles, The Four Tops, Dave Edmunds, The Temptations and a host of others. Out of their success as songwriters came the impetus for forming Lowen & Navarro: They wanted to sing their songs themselves.

"It is through their live shows that Lowen & Navarro have built their greatest reputation. Whether as a duo or with rhythm section backing, they always deliver dynamic, emotional, uplifting performances to fiercely loyal audiences.

"Through the years, Lowen & Navarro continue to document humanity's dignity and frailty, to examine life's losses and lessons. Their songs are all conveyed with an urgency and immediacy that is the hallmark of their commitment to their music and their audience."