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Pat DiNizio November 8th, 2002

Quoting from Pat's website:

One of the most remarkable and wonderful experiences of my life was the 5-month long "LIVING ROOM TOUR" that I did several years ago, performing solo acoustic concerts in the homes, living rooms, and backyards of over 70 Smithereens friends and supporters across the U.S.A., logging over 65,000 miles (FREE miles, much to the chagrin of Budget Rent-A-Car!!) in a rented 4-wheel drive vehicle.

This sort of tour had never been attempted before by a pop music artist who had achieved some level of national recognition, and I was told by many of my cynical associates within the music industry that my idea and tour itself would fail.


Now many other musical artists are doing Living Room Concerts. And I am proud to have played some small part in breaking new ground...


I've decided to resume/continue the House Concert concept on a more or less regular basis, doing shows primarily on weekends when it's much easier for working folks to promote these intimate concerts in their own homes.  Weeknights just don't seem to work as well as weekends for a concert as everyone's got to get up early the next morning to go to work!

I find that after being part of a Living Room Concert experience, most music lovers tend to prefer these sort of personalized shows, and in fact, actually enjoy them more than most concerts they attend that are held within the strict and often "uptight" confines of the "typical" nightclub or concert venue...These shows are loose, and fun, and very memorable...especially for ME!

I do solo acoustic concerts that last nearly three hours and they are "request only" sets.  The audience calls out the songs and I do my best to entertain them...  I am honored and grateful to have become close friends with most of the good people who have sponsored these concerts, and these warm friendships have brought great joy into my life.