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For the Audience...

  • Location:  We are located in Avon Lake, Ohio about 20 miles west of Cleveland.  We are about ten minutes from I-90 and twenty minutes from the Ohio Turnpike.
  • Show Format:  Shows typically last about three hours.  Doors open 30 minutes before show time.  The artists usually play two 45 to 60 minute sets with a 30 minute intermission.
  • Refreshments:  We provide some light refreshments.  Guests are welcome to bring something to share during intermission.
  • The Air We Breathe:  Our house is non-smoking.  We do have a dog and a cat.  The dog spends the night at a friend's house, and the cat is sequestered upstairs throughout the show. Still, if you have alergies, you might consider taking something before you arrive.

For Artists and Agents...

  • Sound:  We provide professional quality sound reinforcement -- including 20-channel mixer, 2-channel compressor/limiter, 2-channel equalizer, and one effects processor.  We usually use an AKG C1000S condenser mic for vocals, but have Sure SM-58s available.  We also have an AKG C3000B condenser mic, which is well suited for guitar.  Because the room is very live, we do not use stage monitors.
  • Lighting:  We have a simple lighting scheme using four PAR lamps.  Two lamps on the left side of the room provide a warm tint; two on the right side provide a cool tint.  The lights are controlled by dimmers.
  • Room:  Our concerts are held in a 20' by 20' carpeted room with an 18' cathedral ceiling.
  • Capacity:  We can comfortably seat 50 people with room for three performers.  We supply comfortable, molded plastic, folding chairs.

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Audio Components in the Rack

I built a nice rack for the audio setup. This doubles as a home studio.

Our Sound Setup

20-Channel 2+2 Bus Mixing Console

Behringer Eurorack MX 2004A

2 x 31-Band Graphic Equalizer

Behringer Ultra-Graph Pro

2-Channel Compressor/Limiter • Expander/Gate • Peak Limiter

Behringer Composer Pro

High-quality reverb, delay, chorus and flange to exciting multieffects and more

Alesis Microverb4

Yamaha A-1000 Stereo Amplifier.

Yamaha A-1000

4-Track recording through a pair of Echo Mia soundcards. These things are awesome!
1/4" balanced inputs and outputs for amazing sound quality.

Echo Mia SoundcardsEcho Mia Soundcards


AKG C1000 S Condenser Microphone for Vocal or Guitar

AKG C1000 S

AKG C3000 B Cardioid Condenser Microphone

AKG C3000 B

C-2 Studio Condenser Microphone ( matched pair )

Behringer C-2Behringer C-2

SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone ( x2 )

Shure SM58®Shure SM58®

SM57 Dynamic Instrument Microphone ( x2 )

Shure SM57®Shure SM57®


Beautify Taylor 414ce made of koa with sitka spruce top. Fishman electronics.

Taylor 414ce

Roland A-90EX digital controller/piano. 88 full-sized, mechanical action keys.

Roland A-90EX

Peavey T-20 bass. Half-round strings.

Peavey T-20

Peavey TKO 80 12" Bass Amplifier

Peavey TKO 80


50 foot 6 x 2 Cable Snake

Hosa Little Bro 6 x 2 Snake

Active DI-Box for Guitar ( x2 )

Ultra-G GI100Ultra-G GI100

Stage lighting with warm and cool tints ( x4 )