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A Concert in a House?!

In the early 90's, my wife and I learned about the growing phenomenon of house concerts.  It was right around the same time we discovered John Gorka.  We said to ourselves, "Man! We could have someone as talented as Gorka play in our living room!."  Of course, at that time our living room only held about three people.  Now we have a living room that can comfortably fit 50 people.

At a house concert, you get to have a conversation with the artist up close and personal.  You can learn what makes them tick, and -- if you like their stuff -- support them by buying one or two (or all;~) of their CDs.  And when you leave, your clothes won't be smoky, your ears won't be ringing, and your car won't be packed in behind 10,000 other cars!

While people like John Gorka have outgrown house concerts, there are plenty of up-and-coming artists and die-hard veterans who are more than happy to play a living room or two as they try to fill their schedules and build a fan base in a new region.

Come join us and see for yourself the best way to enjoy great acoustic music!